How do we use AI in NFT trading?

Using the original crypto-art parser, we get big data about the cost and actual sales, we structure and direct this information for training artificial intelligence, which learns to predetermine the patterns that determine the value in the market. Using the parser to search for collections that have not yet been published, we use the already trained AI to select collections that have an increased chance of becoming unicorns when published. Our dedicated marketing team handles buying back AI-found collections from artists long before the collections are actually published. This approach allows you to receive permanent profit from the sale and promotion of collections on the market, but in order to maintain trading dynamics, you have to accumulate and maintain a pool of liquidity with the involvement of external investors.

How to become a NFTPump Program investor?
  • Open the MEMBER AREA page by clicking the appropriate button in the top right corner of the website;
  • Fill in the Full Name, Email address and Password/Confirm password fields, then click «Create account»;
  • Please use complicated password and correct email box you have access to.


How to start earning?
  1. Log in to your personal account;
  2. You are on the dashboard.
  3. Choose a payment system that is convenient for you and click on the "I" icon in the upper right corner of the payment system you have chosen.
  4. In the window that appears, follow the instructions to complete the replenishment of your deposit.

Can I choose several options for payment systems for making a deposit?

The user can choose and make deposits in several payment systems.

For each payment system, income will be accrued separately.

If the amount of the deposit on any of the payment systems is below the minimum amount, no profit will be accrued on such a deposit.


Is there a partnership program on NFTPump Program?

The NFTPump Program platform offers its partners a 4-level partnership program with a profit of 3.0% - 1.5% - 1.0% - and 0.5% per level. Please learn more from the app#affiliates page.

How to earn using NFTPump Program partnership program?

Use your personal partner link to engage partners via social networks or messengers, and receive additional profit of 0.5 - 3.0% per every partner’ investment operations. Please learn more from the Partnership page.

Where can I find my partner link?

Get into your account, click the Affiliate button on the left side panel in dashboard, in the Affiliate information section copy the Affiliate link, and find all the available statistics as well as your partner link to start earning more at NFTPump.

Where can I find my partners list?

The information about the whole your partner structure can be found on your Affiliate panel inside your personal account. To open the panel click the Affiliate button on the left side panel in dashboard inside your personal account


How to recover my password?

Before you start your password restoring process please check the following:

  • Make sure the Caps Lock button is not turned on while you’re trying to enter your password;
  • Make sure you’re using the correct language while you’re trying to enter your password;

Once you’re sure you have really lost your password use the "Lost password" option on the login page and follow the system instructions to restore your password. The process will be as following:

  1. Specify the email address associated with your NFTPump Program account you’re trying to access and click "Restore password";
  2. Get an email containing a secure link from NFTPump Program. If you don’t receive it for a long time please check your Spam folder;
  3. Click the link/button you have received, then create and confirm your new password;
  4. Once you're notified that your password has been changed successfully, log in your personal account using your email and your new password;

What is OTP (one time password) and how to use it?

A one-time password (OTP) is a password valid for only one authentication session. It is also usually limited to a certain period of time.

The advantage of a one-time password over a static one is that each OTP can be used just one time.

We strongly recommend you to set it as an additional security feature to your static password. 

In this case even if your static password is stolen, the hacker won't be able to log into your personal account without getting an OTP from your smartphone.

To use the feature you will need:

  1. a smartphone,
  2. access to internet,
  3. a Google Authenticator app installed on your smartphone (download here for iOS or for Android)


What profit will I make and is it guaranteed?

First of all we’d like to pay your attention that a NFTPump Program is not a magic wand, but a opportunity that just helps to make the profit higher using the power of AI.Our technological solution allows only statistical calculation of a certain level of profitability. Even in the absence of transactions in a statistically insignificant number, our partners become co-owners, albeit not very profitable, but reliably protected crypto assets.

Proceeding from what is mentioned above we can just offer the dynamic percentage.

How long does it take to refill my account?

The speed will depend on the specific Blockchain network load for the moment of transaction. Usually sending Bitcoin takes more time as compared to the other coins, and may take from 10 minutes to 12 hours long (especially for sending low amounts).

How long does it take to process the withdrawal request?

The speed will depend on the specific Blockchain network load for the moment of transaction. Usually sending Bitcoin takes more time as compared to the other coins, and may take from 10 minutes to 12 hours long (especially for sending low amounts).

Do you charge any fees for account refill/withdrawal operations?

The NFTPump Program doesn’t charge any fees for refill/withdrawal operations from the clients.

How to refill my account?
  1. Log in to your personal account and go to the "Member Area" section where you will see the list of the currencies available;
  2. Pick a currency you need and click the "I" button; you will see a QR code and an address you can use to send the funds;
  3. Use the wallet offered to send your funds and wait for the funds coming to your platform account.

How to withdraw funds from my account?
  1. Log in to your personal account and go to the "Portfolio" section where you will see the list of the currencies available and the balance available for withdrawal;
  2. Pick a currency you need and click the "Withdraw" button; 
  3. Fill in the "Enter target address" field with your personal crypto wallet;
  4. Fill in the "Enter withdraw amount" with the amount of funds you want to withdraw;
  5. Click the "Send" button and wait for the funds to come to your personal wallet.

Do you have any withdrawal amount limits?

In order to keep the timing, service level and withdrawal commissions absence we had to add several limitations to withdrawal requests processing in our platform. The minimal withdrawal amounts are described in appendix "B" on Terms page.


User's memo:
  • Create a complicated password;
  • Do not give your password to anyone asking, even to the NFTPump Program support staff;
  • Do not call any telephone number (claiming to be our support number) besides the one you see on the NFTPump.ai website and on our social networks official pages;
  • Do not send money to persons claiming to be NFTPump Program staff, partner platforms, mobile applications, fake websites etc; The only valid addresses to refill your account you can find inside your personal account on the platform;
  • Always enable the OTP function;
  • Regularly check your browser for trojan and viruses by installing and anti-virus software.
Appendix B

Minimal Deposit and profit withdrawal limitations

CurrencyMinimal Active depositMinimal Profit Withdrawal
Dogecoin45.00000000 DOGE45.00000000 DOGE
Bitcoin0.01000000 BTC0.00100000 BTC
PerfectMoney10.00 USD1.00 USD
Litecoin0.10000000 LTC0.01000000 LTC
Tron100.000000 TRX10.000000 TRX
USDT TRC2020.000000 USDT5.000000 USDT
DashPay0.10000000 DASH0.01000000 DASH
* - Please remember that cryptocurrency amounts are calculated during the transaction pre-processing.